Getting out on a river or pond in pursuit of a salmon or trout is a highlight for many anglers in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Anglers have many rivers and ponds to choose from, and many have their favorites that they return to each year.

Here, you will find the salmon angling logsalmon fishway counts, angling Recreational Fishing - Related linksAnglers' Guide 2023-2024 - important phone numbers and the Anglers' Guide . It provides anglers with information on some of the regulations pertaining to salmon and trout angling in inland and coastal waters of Newfoundland and Labrador. Anglers are further encouraged to read updated Fishery Notices for all in-season angling closures, re-openings, etc.

DFO works closely with Crime Stoppers to encourage the public to report poaching and other illegal activity on the rivers.

Crime Stoppers can be reached anonymously by calling
1-800-222-TIPS  (8477) or by submitting a tip on-line at:
Newfoundland and Labrador Crime Stoppers

Detailed information on specific equipment required on board and proof of competency is available from Transport Canada’s Office of Boating Safety: Office of Boating Safety