River Status

Before setting out on the water, anglers are encouraged to review the In-Season River Status Report and the Anglers Guide to determine the status of rivers.

In-Season River Status

Throughout the angling season, Fisheries and Oceans Canada may have to close or partially close rivers due to extremely low water levels and extremely high water temperatures. All rivers closed or partially closed throughout the season will close effective one hour after sunset on the effective date.

Rivers closed in-season may reopen as conditions improve. All such openings will take place one hour before sunrise on the effective date.

For the current list of In-Season river openings and closures, please review the In-Season River Status Report.

Seasonal Closures

Conserving and protecting our fishery resources will help to improve our individual fish stocks for generations to come. Individual Watershed Management Plans have been developed to improve angling opportunities and to help meet conservation objectives by taking into consideration the health of individual river stocks. As a result of these Watershed Management Plans, a number of rivers have partial closures in effect for the entire season. There are other rivers that are either closed or partially closed for the entire season as well. Please review these two sections of the Anglers' Guide to determine if a river is closed or partially closed for the entire season.

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