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2022 Winter Trout and Smelt Angling Opening

DFO reminds anglers that the 2022 Trout and Smelt winter angling seasons in non-scheduled waters throughout Newfoundland and Labrador are open as follows:

Trout season dates:

Zone 1 (Insular Newfoundland) - February 1

Zone 2 (Labrador Straits) - March 1

Zone 3 (Southeastern Labrador) - February 1

Zone 4 (Western Labrador) - February 1

Zone 5 (Central Labrador) - February 1

Zone 6 (Northern Labrador) - February 1

There are exceptions to these dates for Special Trout Management Areas.

Consult the 2021/22 Angler's Guide for specific information on these Special Trout Management Areas.

Daily bag limits:

The daily bag limit for inland and tidal waters of insular Newfoundland for all trout species combined, and for Brook Trout in Labrador, is 12 trout or 2.25 kg plus one fish, whichever is reached first.

In Labrador, the daily bag limit and possession limit for Lake Trout is three fish in Zones 3-6. The daily bag limit for Lake Trout in Zone 2 is two fish, with a four-fish possession limit. The daily bag limit for Arctic Char and Northern Pike is two fish, with a four-fish possession limit. In the Special Trout Management Area of the Eagle Plateau Management Zone, Chateau Pond and Gilbert's Lake the daily bag limit is six Speckled(Brook)Trout or 1.13 kg plus one fish, whichever is reached first, and the possession limit is equal the daily bag limit.

Refer to the Angler's Guide for Special Trout Management Area daily bag limits.

Possession limit:

The possession limit is twice the daily bag limit with the exception of the Special Trout Management Areas, where the possession limit is the daily bag limit.

Angling gear:

While fishing through the ice, anglers are permitted to use three separate lines which must be closely and constantly attended by the angler.


Smelt angling in non-scheduled inland waters of insular Newfoundland and in Labrador are subject to the same season dates as trout angling, with the exception of those ponds that opened January 15, 2022 (refer to the 2020/21 Angler's Guide). There is no bag or possession limit for Smelt, and no bag or possession limit for Whitefish in Labrador.

For a complete list of trout angling information, please consult the 2021/22 Angler's Guide, which is available online at Anglers' Guide 2021-2022

DFO reminds anglers to take precautions before venturing out on the ice or water this season.

For information, contact:

Connie Dobbin-Vincent
Resource Manager
Tel. (709) 772-6319