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Fish Harvester Benefit and Grant Program: Interest Payment Waiver

This notice is for recipients of overpayment letters issued under the Fish Harvester Benefit and Grant (FHBG) Program that face repayment obligations.

The FHBG Program has decided to waive interest payments on overpayment amounts owing until January 1, 2023, on which date the calculation of interest will commence on unpaid overpayment amounts owing.

This waiver applies to overpayment letters issued during phase one and/or phase two of the Program.

In waiving interest payments in this way, the Program hopes to provide some flexibility to individuals who have repayment obligations, and might benefit from the additional time and opportunity to earn income from upcoming fisheries without facing interest charges.

If you received an overpayment letter, were successful in appealing the overpayment finding, and found not to have a net amount owing, then you have no repayment obligation.

If you are unsure of any repayment obligations, please contact Service Canada's call centre at: 1-833-674-8283, TTY: 1-800-465-7735.

Additional information can be found on the program's website (Fish Harvester Benefit and Grant Program)

For information, contact:

David Whorley
Fisheries and Oceans Canada