Anglers Guide 2022-2023 - Salmon - Watershed Management Plans


Watershed Management Plans

Individual Watershed Management Plans have been developed to improve angling opportunities and to help meet conservation objectives by taking into consideration the health of individual river stocks. Regulations may affect bag limit, season length, fish length and limit of fish retained. Unless otherwise stated, salmon season dates apply.

Exploits River (Zone 4)

Class 6
  • Main stem of Lower Exploits River, from Stoney Brook downstream to Exploits Bay:
  • September 8 to October 7: fall fishery, catch-and-release only. Fall angling not permitted on tributaries.
Class 4
  • Lower Exploits River tributaries below Grand Falls, including Stoney Brook, Little Rattling Brook, Great Rattling Brook, Three Brooks, and Greenwoods Brook.
Class 2
  • Mid-Exploits River and tributaries, from the Grand Falls fishway to Red Indian Lake dam, including Harpoon Brook, Badger Brook, Noel Paul’s Brook, Little Red Indian Brook, Tom Joe Brook, West Brook/Sandy Brook and tributaries.
Class 0 (catch-and-release only)
  • Exploits River Watershed above Red Indian Lake dam, including Victoria River, Mary March Brook, Lloyds River and all other tributary streams flowing into Red Indian Lake.
Special Management Section

Main stem below Red Indian Lake Dam 25 metres below fishway, downstream to Abitibi-Bowater steel bridge

  • May 15–July 15: retention angling only for ouananiche. No retention of ouananiche 25 centimeters or less, or 35 centimeters or greater. No retention of Atlantic salmon.
  • July 16–September 7: catch-and-release angling permitted for salmon and ouananiche only.
  • Anglers must possess a salmon angling licence. Salmon angling regulations for scheduled rivers apply.
Closed for the Season
  • Exploits River main stem from Stoney Brook up to the Grand Falls dam.
  • Exploits River main stem below the Bishops Falls dam: on the south side from dam down 200 metres to foot of rapids; on the north side from dam downstream to the hydro-electric generating station tailrace.
Report Illegal Fishing Activity Anonymously to Crime Stoppers

1-800-222-TIPS (8477)


Report Illegal Fishing Activity Directly to Conservation and Protection, Fisheries & Oceans Canada

1-833-DFO-TIPS (336-8477)

Gander River (Zone 4)

Class 6
  • Main stem of the Lower Gander River.
Class 4
  • Northwest Gander River and tributary streams.
Class 2
  • All other tributaries of the Gander River Watershed, with the exception of the colonized areas*.
Colonized areas*
Class 0 (catch-and-release only)
  • All waters above Big Dead Wolf Falls, including Watchers and Caribou Brook on Big Dead Wolf River (tributary of the Southwest Gander), and all waters above Great Gull Falls on Great Gull River (tributary of Northwest Gander).
Closed for the Season
  • Salmon Brook tributary, from fishway, downstream 245 metres to Lily Pond.
  • Gander River from 30 metres below to 5 metres above where Salmon Brook flows into it at the high water mark.

Humber River (Zone 13)

Class 6
  • September 8–October 7: fall fishery, catch-and-release only on the Lower Humber River from Boom Siding to Shellbird Island. Fall angling not permitted on tributaries.
  • June 1–July 31: Adies Lake open.
Class 0 (catch and release only)
  • South Brook, a tributary of the Humber River.
Closed for the Season
  • Humber River, from a line between Lundrigan’s Wharf and Wild Cove Point, upstream to Ballam Bridge.
  • Humber River (Deer Lake): tailrace, from the Deer Lake Power Company power house to a point 25 metres west of Hinton Bridge (northwest) on the TCH and 25 metres east of the Hinton Bridge (northeast) on the TCH.
  • North Brook (Deer Lake), a tributary of Humber River.
  • All streams flowing into Adies Lake.

Main River (Sop’s Arm) (Zone 3)

Class 4
  • Main stem of Main River (Sop’s Arm).
Additional measures
  • Catch-and-release only on Sunshine Pool from 150 metres below to 300 metres above falls.
  • Catch-and-release only on Northwest branch of Main River.
Closed for the Season
  • Section of Northwest branch of Main River 300 metres below to 300 metres above the falls at Wardens Pool.
  • Angling not permitted within 23 metres (25 yards) downstream from any obstacle or leap (falls). This regulation applies to both Sunshine Pool and Wardens Pool.

Conne River (Zone 11)

Class 2
  • Open June 21: only if 425 salmon (total small and large) through counting fence by June 20.
  • If opened June 21, river will close July 5–8 for an in-season review which will determine if angling will resume.
Special Management Sections
  • Lower section of Conne River from top of Sandy Steady to river mouth limited to retention only.
  • Retention and catch-and-release angling are permitted on the section of Conne River upstream from Sandy Steady, including tributaries.
Closed for the Season
  • Conne River, where Bernard’s tributary empties into main stem.
  • Downstream within 80 metres of the DFO counting fence wing on the west bank, 120 metres from wing on east bank, and upstream within 100 metres of counting fence trap.

Bay St. George South Rivers (Zone 13)

Highland’s River, Crabbe’s River, Middle Barachois River, Robinson’s River, Fischell’s Brook

Class 2
  • Highland’s River from TCH to river mouth, Crabbe’s River, Robinson’s River, Fischell’s Brook and Middle Barachois River.
Additional measures
  • Salmon 60 centimetres or greater must be released on Robinson’s River, Fischell’s Brook and Middle Barachois River.
Closed for the Season
  • Section of Crabbe’s River, including Twelve Mile Pool, upstream to its source.
  • Section of Barachois River, including Mine Pool, upstream to its source.
  • Section of Robinson’s River, including Chatter Pool, upstream to Big Falls at Mile 18.
  • Highlands River, from TCH upstream to river source.

Northwest River, Port Blandford (Zone 5)

Class 1 (One fish)
  • River will open to angling if minimum spawning requirements are met. For more information call 709-533-2801.
  • Catch-and-release angling not permitted for salmon greater than 30 centimeters and less than 63 centimeters.
  • No person shall fish 100m above or below the salmon counting fence.
  • A provincial inland fishery licence and a valid tag are required to angle Northwest River. Anglers are also required to obtain a National Park salmon licence and tag. All salmon must be tagged with both a 'valid' red provincial salmon tag (with month and day of capture cut out and removed), and a Parks Canada issued salmon tag.
  • The National Park salmon licence is free of charge and will be available at the Northwest River Kiosk in the park on once requirements for a salmon fishery are met.
  • Please consider that the fishery on Northwest River may be closed at any time if: 1) water temperatures exceed 22 º C for three consecutive days; 2) water levels are deemed to be too low for salmon passage upstream; and/or 3) concerns arise related to the long term sustainability of the salmon population.
  • Pursuant to section 7.1(1) of the National Parks of Canada Fishing Regulations, every person who holds a salmon licence and catches a salmon within Terra Nova National Park of Canada shall immediately present the entire salmon for registration at the designated area in the parking lot near the Trans Canada Highway approximately 500m from the north bank of the Northwest River.
Closed for the Season
  • All portions of Northwest River outside the boundaries of Terra Nova National Park.
  • The section of Northwest River known as Jigging Hole as identified by closure signs.

Colinet River (Zone 9)

Class 2
  • Colinet River.

Ragged Harbour River (Zone 4)

Class 2
  • Ragged Harbour River and tributary streams.
Closed for the Season
  • Ragged Harbour River, from 61 metres below to six metres above dam at Lower Ragged Harbour River Falls.

It is updated in real-time so you will know which scheduled salmon rivers are opened and closed during the angling season.

Bay St. George North Rivers (Zone 13)

Flat Bay Brook, Little Barachois Brook, Southwest and Bottom Brooks, Harry’s River

Class 2
  • Retention angling permitted on Bottom Brook, Southwest Brook and Little Barachois Brook
  • June 1: main stem of Harry’s River from Home Pool downstream to river mouth, and Flat Bay Brook open to retention angling. Rivers will be a Class 2 and may become a Class 4 subject to in-season review results.
Additional measures
  • Catch-and-release angling only on George’s Lake and Pinchgut Lake.
Closed for the Season
  • Section of Flat Bay Brook above the Look Out Brook run, upstream to its source.
  • Section of Little Barachois Brook, including Old Logger School, upstream to its source.
  • Southwest Brook, from Second Logging at Mile 19, upstream to its source.
  • Harry’s River system above Home Pool, including Spruce Brook, Little George’s, Pinchgut River, Meadows Brook, Stagg Hill Brook and Gull Pond.
  • Any waters within 23 metres upstream or downstream of the counting facility at area known as Gale’s Pit.

Terra Nova River (Zone 5)

Class 2
  • Unless specified as closed area or Class 0, Terra Nova River and tributary streams are Class 2. This includes Maccles Brook.
  • From July 10-September 7, Starlight Pool and area from top of the Trench to Tobin’s Pool.
  • Main stem from a point 200 metres above the old dam site at the outlet from Terra Nova Lake to a point 300 metres below the old dam site.
  • Main stem from a point 300 metres below 8 mile bridge and 200 metres above 8 mile bridge.
Class 0 (catch-and-release only)
  • Morine’s Pool, from a point 25 metres below The Bench to a point 100 metres above The Bench.
  • The section of river from a point 25 metres above Island Pool, to a point 25 metres below Briffett’s/Second Steady.
  • The section of river from a point 25 metres below the upper fishway (identified by DFO signs), downstream to a point 800 metres below the upper fishway.
  • Unless specified as Class 2, the entire watershed above a point 200 metres above the DFO signs posted at the old Terra Nova Lake Dam where Terra Nova Lake runs into Terra Nova River.
  • All tributaries (including Pitts Brook, Georges Brook, Butts Brook, Russells Brook and Pinsents Brook) above the DFO signs posted 200 metres above the old Terra Nova Lake Dam.
Closed for the Season
  • Terra Nova River, 300 metres below Terra Nova Lake Dam (identified by DFO signs) to 25 metres below the upper fishway (identified by DFO signs).