Anglers Guide 2022-2023 - Annexes


Annex 1 - Coastal Waters and Inland Waters

Scheduled and Non-Scheduled

Newfoundland and Labrador waters are divided into categories and sub-categories, as follows:

  • Coastal waters.
  • Inland waters:
    • scheduled salmon rivers;
    • scheduled rainbow and brown trout waters;
    • non-scheduled inland waters.
Coastal waters:
Marine waters outside the spring tide low water mark, except where DFO has caution signs on the shore of a river’s estuary to close the estuary to commercial fisheries. These signs are located several metres to several kilometres seaward from the mouth of a river. Seaward of the signs is coastal waters; the area inside the signs is non-scheduled inland waters, even though it is a marine/salt water area. Angling is regulated by the season dates for non-scheduled inland waters.

Anglers uncertain about where caution signs are placed at the mouth of the river, should contact the nearest DFO office.
Inland waters:
All waters above spring tide low water mark and all waters inside of a line drawn between caution signs set out from the mouth of a river on the shores of its estuary. Inland waters include scheduled salmon rivers, scheduled rainbow trout waters, and non-scheduled inland waters.
Scheduled salmon river:
Includes the main stem of a river including tidal waters at the mouth of a river inside DFO bait and spinner signs; the waters of any connected pond or lake within 90 metres of the river’s entrance and outlet, or as indicated by DFO signs; in many cases, tributary streams; in a few cases, certain lakes and ponds. There are 186 scheduled salmon rivers in Newfoundland and Labrador.
A complete list is contained in the Newfoundland and Labrador Scheduled Salmon Rivers guide.
Scheduled rainbow trout waters:
Includes a group of ponds and connecting streams in the Bauline, Portugal Cove, Torbay and Green’s Harbour areas, which are listed in the rainbow trout section.
Scheduled and Non-Scheduled brown trout waters:
As described in the Brown Trout section of the Anglers Guide.
Non-scheduled inland waters:
Inland waters not individually listed by name in the regulations; they include salt water areas inside of DFO caution signs.
Salmon Angling in Non-Scheduled Inland Waters
  • The Retention of salmon is not permitted on non-scheduled waters.
Salmon Angling in Coastal Waters
  • Anglers may angle for salmon year-round in coastal waters there is no closed season.
  • A salmon angling licence is not required to angle for salmon in coastal waters.
  • Retention of salmon in coastal waters is prohibited; catch-and-release only.
  • Coastal waters include all marine waters outside DFO caution signs posted in the estuaries of some scheduled and non-scheduled salmon rivers, and outside the spring tide low-water mark in all other areas.
Trout Angling in Coastal Waters
  • Anglers may angle for trout year-round in coastal waters; there is no closed season.
  • All other trout angling regulations apply in coastal waters, including Daily Bag/Possession Limit/Size Restrictions.
  • No licence or guide requirements.
  • No bag limit for rainbow trout in Bay d’Espoir from Buffet Point southeast to Connaigre Head.
  • Conditions apply to resident and non-resident anglers.