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2J3KL Stewardship Cod Fishery - Reminder of 2J Catch and Gear Limit Changes

DFO would like to remind harvesters fishing in the Northern cod Stewardship Fishery in 2J (Vessel Class A292) that as per the 2022 Conservation Harvesting Plan for this fishery, catch limits and gear limits will change on Sunday, September 4th.

The authorized catch limit will change to a bi-weekly base limit of 40,000 lbs. and the authorized gear limits will also change. Further details on gear and catch limits can be found in the 2022 CHP at: 2022 Conservation Harvesting Plan (CHP) 2J3KL Stewardship Cod fishery - AMENDED July 15, 2022

New licence conditions are required and will be available soon on the National Online Licensing System (NOLS). 

Harvesters are reminded that they are to ensure that catch limits are not exceeded by setting only the amount of fishing gear that is necessary. 

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