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2022 Inshore Snow Crab Buddy-Up Application Available for NAFO Divisions 3K and 3L

DFO wishes to advise inshore snow crab harvesters that the 2022 Buddy-up Application is available through the National Online Licensing System (NOLS) National Online Licensing System

The inshore snow crab buddy-up application can be downloaded and submitted by following Step-By-Step Instructions through NOLS Submitting a Request and Checking the Request Status: Step-by-Step

-              Select Submit Request

-              Select Request Type – Partnership/Pooling/Buddy Up

-              Select Request Subtype – Snow Crab (Less than 40’ fleet)

-              Select the Instructions link to open and save or print the application

-              Complete and sign the application (Fish Harvester A and Fish Harvester B must sign the same application. 

-              Save a Scanned copy or picture of the signed application 

-              Select Browse to attach the signed application to your request

-              Select Submit

Any harvesters experiencing issues with accessing their online NOLS account, should contact the NOLS Support Line 1-877-535-7307 to have the issue resolved.

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