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DFO Inshore Fishery Outreach Meetings - Labrador

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans would like to advise that virtual Outreach meetings will be held throughout the Region in the coming weeks.

The intent of these meetings is to provide inshore harvesters and other interested stakeholders an opportunity to discuss matters of concern with respect to the various inshore fisheries. The Department would also like to take the opportunity to discuss recent changes to various licensing processes and to seek input on the Vessel Length/Replacement policy. 

The proposed agenda is as follows: 

1.    Introduction. 

2.    Licencing requests, NOLS and service standards. 

3.    Vessel Length/Replacement Policy  

4.    Inshore Regulations.   

5.    Open Agenda. 

There will be additional meetings for Fish Harvesters in other NAFO areas and more information will be released in the near future.

Meeting: Participants from Labrador - February 22, 2022: 

7pm-9pm Atlantic time zone

7:30pm-9:30pm Newfoundland time zone

Join Zoom Meeting

or by dialing any of the Canadian numbers below and entering the meeting ID and passcode provided:

        +1 647 374 4685 Canada

        +1 647 558 0588 Canada

        +1 778 907 2071 Canada

        +1 204 272 7920 Canada

        +1 438 809 7799 Canada

        +1 587 328 1099 Canada

Meeting ID: 949 2028 2591        Passcode: 298374

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Mark Simms
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