Anglers' Guide 2023-2024 - Salmon Licence Fees

Salmon Licence Fees

Licence Fees

Individual - Salmon

  • Resident: $23.00
  • Non-resident: $80.00

Senior - Salmon

  • Resident: $14.95

Family - Salmon

  • Resident: $23.00
  • Non-resident: $80.00


  • Licence fees for inland fishing licences do not include the vendor’s processing fee of $3.00 per licence and applicable HST.
  • A person may, for a season, apply for, be issued and hold one inland fishery licence to take salmon or one family inland fishery licence to take salmon but shall not apply for, be issued or hold both of these for the same season.

For additional licencing information and licencing requirements refer to Annex 2