Anglers' Guide 2023-2024 - Gear Type for Trout Angling

Hook and Line

Line and Rod

A single barbless hook must be used when angling on scheduled salmon rivers.

Angle or Angling: fishing, or attempting to fish, with a hook and a line with the line held in the hand, or with a hook, line and rod held in the hand. This includes casting and trolling.

Hooks or Hooked: means to be in possession of a hook and line with the line held in the hand, or a hook, line and rod with the rod held in the hand, when a fish takes the attached bait, lure, or artificial fly.

Jigging, netting or purposely foul-catching sport fish in inland waters is prohibited. Accidentally foul-caught fish must be released. No person shall willfully disturb or molest any fish or spawn.

Winter Trout Angling

These conditions apply to winter angling for ALL species of trout:

  • Maximum of three separate lines each equipped with one hook per method while angling through the ice.
  • All three lines must be closely and constantly attended to by the angler.
  • Where open water is available during the winter angling season, anglers may angle with rod and line from shore or boat.