Anglers' Guide 2023-2024 –Gear Type For Salmon Angling on Scheduled Salmon Rivers

Gear Type for Salmon Angling On Scheduled Salmon Rivers

A single barbless hook must be used when angling on scheduled salmon rivers.

An artificial fly must be used for angling on scheduled salmon waters throughout Newfoundland and Labrador. Only one hook may be used at a time. Regulations describe an artificial fly as a single barbless hook dressed with materials to attract fish. It is not baited, does not have a weight attached to sink it, and does not have a spinner or similar device attached. A barbed hook may be made barbless by cutting or filing off the barb or by pinching the barb flat so that it is in complete contact with the shaft of the hook.

Angle or Angling: fishing, or attempting to fish, with a hook and a line with the line held in the hand, or with a hook, line and rod held in the hand. This includes casting and trolling.

Hooks or Hooked: means to be in possession of a hook and line with the line held in the hand, or a hook, line and rod with the rod held in the hand, when a fish takes the attached bait, lure, or artificial fly.

No person angling in any inland waters may use more than one rod and line at any time.

Jigging, netting or purposely foul-catching sport fish in inland waters is prohibited. Accidentally foul-caught fish must be released. No person shall willfully disturb or molest any fish or spawn.