Anglers' Guide 2023-2024 - Annexes – Annex 9 –Smelt


Annex 9 – Smelt


Smelt angling dates are consistent with trout angling dates in non-scheduled inland waters (See Season Dates), with the exception of the following list of ponds, which open January 15. Only smelt may be retained when these ponds are closed to trout angling from January 15 - January 31.

Insular Newfoundland

Date: May 15 - September 7, 2023; January 15 - April 15, 2024

  • Gambo Pond.
  • Gander River seaward from the Gander Bay causeway.
  • Southwest Pond, off the Greenspond highway.
  • Horwood Pond (Notre Dame Bay).
  • Southwest Pond, near Horwood.
  • First Pond on the Campbellton River.
  • Deer Lake.
  • Fox Island River, as indicated by DFO caution signs.
  • Little Codroy estuary, as indicated by DFO caution signs.
  • Engine Hole, as indicated by DFO caution signs
  • Little Barasway, as indicated by DFO caution signs
  • Parsons Pond (Northern Peninsula).
  • Portland Creek (Northern Peninsula, excluding Inner Pond).
  • Maturin Pond, Long Harbour (Placentia Bay).
  • Freshwater Pond (Burin Peninsula).
  • Garnish Pond (Burin Peninsula).
  • Clam Pond (Burin Peninsula).
  • Salt Pond (Burin Peninsula).
  • Lamaline Barasway (Burin Peninsula).
  • Salt Water Pond (Burin Peninsula).
  • Big Pond, Jacques Fontaine, Fortune Bay.
  • Second Traverse Pond
  • Northeast arm inside the Culls Harbour causeway and outside the Eastport causeway.
  • North River (Conception Bay), from Newell’s Road downstream to bait-and-spinner signs near railway trestle.
  • South River (Conception Bay): bait-and-spinner fishing sections of South River, including “Motion,” downstream to bait-and-spinner signs near route 70, Conception Bay Highway.
  • Salmon Cove River (Conception Bay): Harry’s Pond and Salmon Cove, Big Pond (bait-and-spinner fishing areas only).
  • Southwest Brook (Port Blandford), from bait and spinner signs seaward to old CN railway trestle.


Date: January 15 – September 15, 2024

  • St. Charles River from bridge down to mouth.
  • St. Lewis River: from Sand Banks down to mouth.
  • Alexis River: from Soldier down to mouth.
  • Saltwater Pond on Port Mernham Brook.
  • Danes Pond (Alexis Bay).
  • Salt Water Pond (Occasional Harbour).
  • Salt Water Pond (White Bear Arm).
  • Edwards Pond (Shoal Bay).
  • Table Bay Pond.