Anglers’ Guide 2023-2024 – Annexes – Annex 11 – Returning Scientific Tags


Annex 11 – Returning Scientific Tags

Scientists tag salmon to learn more about their migration patterns and population size. Tags are usually located at the base of the dorsal (back) fin. A reward of $10 is paid for tags returned with the appropriate information.

When retaining a salmon:

  • Promptly return the tag to DFO at the address on the tag; do not wait until you return your angling log.
  • Include the following information with the returned tag:
    • Date and location of capture (note that the fish was retained)
    • Fork length, whole weight, sex of fish and scale sample
    • Your name and mailing address

When releasing a salmon:

  • Leave the tag on the fish, but record the number
  • Communicate the number promptly to DFO, along with the date and location of release (note that the fish was released, and include your name and mailing address)


For further information, please call (709) 896-6150.