Anglers' Guide 2023-2024 - Annexes - Annex 10 - Salmon Angling Log


Annex 10 - Salmon Angling Log

DFO scientists require catch-and-effort information to develop an understanding of our salmon stocks and the impact angling has on the resource. The salmon angling log is DFO’s primary source of catch-and-effort information in the recreational salmon fishery. For best research results, DFO needs log returns from at least 90% of anglers, and the information on each log should be as detailed as possible.

  • Anglers who purchased a salmon licence are asked to:
    • Complete and return the salmon angling log as soon as possible after the season closes.
    • If you did not angle, indicate “did not fish.”
    • If you angled but were unsuccessful, record your daily angling activity.
    • Record angling activity at the end of each day.
    • Record river names or approximate location of river fished.
    • If there is inadequate space to complete your log, record additional information on a separate sheet and submit it with the card.

To submit your log:

* If you are an Outfitter, please submit your weekly logs at: Weekly Salmon Angling Reports

The Salmonid Association of Eastern Newfoundland (SAEN) supports the management and conservation of our fisheries resources for future generations. SAEN reminds anglers to return their angling log. As an incentive, and in co-operation with the Province of Newfoundland & Labrador and DFO, SAEN is offering $500 in prizes, including a salmon rod, SAEN shirts and packages of salmon flies. Anglers who return their log will have their names entered for the draw.

2022 Winner . . .

Lucas Kennel of Mount Pearl of Mount Pearl was the winner of the first main prize that consisted of a salmon fly rod, SAEN jacket, complimentary SAEN membership, and salmon flies. Second prize went to Jeremiah Chaffey of St. George’s and third prize went to Linda Power of Norris Arm.

SAEN and DFO would like to congratulate the winners and extend their thanks to all anglers who returned their salmon angling logs for the 2022 season.


For more information, please contact SAEN:

(709) 722-9300

Salmonid Association of Eastern Newfoundland (SAEN)