Angler's Guide 2022-2023 - Licence Fees: Salmon And Trout

Licence Fees: Salmon And Trout

Inland fishery licences are issued by the Department of Fisheries, Forestry and Agriculture, Resource Enforcement Division. Licences may be obtained from commercial vendors, such as sporting good shops, service stations, and other areas throughout the province, or from the Provincial Government Service Centres.

Licence Fees

Individual - Salmon

  • Resident: $23.00
  • Non-resident: $80.00

Senior - Salmon

  • Resident: $14.95

Family - Salmon

  • Resident: $23.00
  • Non-resident: $80.00

Individual - Trout

  • Non-resident: $12.00

Family - Trout

  • Non-resident: $12.00


  • Licence fees for inland fishing licences do not include the vendor’s processing fee of $3.00 per licence and applicable HST.
  • Fee for a resident aged 65 years and older $14.95 plus HST. (This fee does not apply to Resident Family Licence).
  • A person may, for a season, apply for, be issued and hold one inland fishery licence to take salmon or one family inland fishery licence to take salmon but shall not apply for, be issued or hold both of these for the same season.