Dec. 23, 2016


Licence Extensions for 2017


DFO advises fish harvesters that fishing licences for 2017 may not be available until after the first week of January 2017. Those fish harvesters who wish to fish during the first week of January, 2017 must first have their 2016 fishing licences manually amended by a fishery officer or a licensing officer to extend their licence into 2017. Fish harvesters are advised to present their 2016 licence to any fishery officer or any licensing officer of DFO before the start of any fishing trip in 2017 and they will amend the licence end date. This will allow harvesters to continue fishing while they are awaiting their 2017 licence through the National Online Licensing System (NOLS).


“Notices to Fish Harvesters” for all commercial fisheries are now available online under the Fishery Notices link on the DFO NL Region webpage at


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