New licensing measures for Shrimp Fishing Area 6 licence holders

The Department announced May 12, 2017 new licencing policy measures for NAFO Division 3Ps to assist harvesters impacted by recent quota reductions.  DFO is further confirming that new short-term temporary measures, as well as more permanent arrangements will also be introduced for the inshore SFA 6 Northern shrimp fishery. The Department will be offering the following measures:

1)            DFO will implement licence combining for inshore Northern shrimp licence holders in SFA 6 who wish to permanently combine their shrimp licence with another existing SFA 6 Northern shrimp licence-holder.  Unlike enterprise combining, licence combining will allow a fish harvesters to combine their shrimp licence only, and remain in the fishery utilizing their other species licences. To avail of this option, both shrimp licence holders must be from the same NAFO Division.

2)            A SFA 6 Northern shrimp licence holder considering a future licence/enterprise combining may, for 2017 only, enter into an agreement with another shrimp licence holder and temporarily consolidate both shrimp allocations. Both shrimp licence holders must contact their local Licensing center to complete the necessary documents.

DFO will continue to work with fish harvesters to help industry navigate these difficult times while at the same time seeking to protect and sustain resources for fish harvesters in the future.

To discuss these options further, please contact the respective DFO Area Chief – Resource Management identified below:

3KL Fleets                          

David Small, Area Chief Resource Management


Grand Falls - Windsor, Newfoundland and Labrador


4R fleet               

Laurie Hawkins, Area Chief Resource Management


Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador


2J Fleet

Wayne King, Senior Area Representative


 Happy Valley - Goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador