Anglers Guide 2022-2023 - Annexes - Annex 4 - Salmon Management Measures


Annex 4 - Salmon Management Measures

River Classifications

Scheduled salmon rivers in Salmon Angling Zones 3 to 14A (Insular Newfoundland) and rivers in Zones 1 and 2 and 14B in Labrador are Class 0, Class 2, Class 4, Class 6 or unclassified for 2022. Ratings are based on a number of factors, including salmon population, spawner returns, river size, angling pressure and remoteness of the river. Bag limits and use of tags are determined by river class. See insert in the Angler’s Guide which lists the Classes for scheduled rivers.

Tag Use

  • No fish may be retained on Class 0 rivers.
  • Tags must be immediately and securely locked through the gills and mouth of retained salmon, and the month and day must immediately be clearly cut out and removed from the vinyl portion of the tag.

Barbless Hooks

An artificial fly must be used for salmon and trout angling on scheduled salmon waters throughout Newfoundland and Labrador. Only one hook may be used at a time. Regulations describe an artificial fly as a single barbless hook dressed with materials to attract fish. It is not baited, does not have a weight attached to sink it, and does not have a spinner or similar device attached. A barbed hook may be made barbless by cutting or filing off the barb or by pinching the barb flat so that it is in complete contact with the shaft of the hook.

River Closures

DFO will continue to take action when extreme environmental conditions (very low water levels and high water temperatures) warrant a closure. Anglers are encouraged to visit the DFO website and refer to the River Status Report for closures throughout the province. Information for closures, openings and other angling information, is available by calling 1-800-782-3058.