Landings and Landed Value by Species

Newfoundland and Labrador Region - Preliminary Data - Subject to revision

Run Date : Apr 16, 2015

Last Data Update : Apr 15, 2015 20:23

Landing Year : 2011

Vessel Length Category: Inshore: Vessels 0-34 ft. 11 in. (0-10.6m)


  1. 1. Landings, catch and quota data will not always match one another for any number of reasons including (but not limited to); quota management cycles which differ from calendar year, hail information being used to report quotas prior to landings, diff erent data sources not yet reconciled and delays in receiving documents from industry.

    2. Flounders include American Plaice, Greysole, Yellowtail and Winter Flounder.

    3. Landings for species which do not meet the DFO priv acy threshold are aggregated as Other in each species category.

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Miscellaneous (Numbers may not add due to rounding)
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