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Acadian Redfish

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Striped Wolfish (Anarhichas lupus)

Local Names:


SARA Status:

Special Concern


Adults range from about 40-100 cm


Opportunistic but mostly crabs, clams, snails, sea urchins, also some fish

Where you might see it:

Mainly from Labrador Shelf to Grand Banks and to Gulf of St.Lawerence, Scotian Shelf and Bay of Fundy and into American waters. Near shore to 500 m.


Wolfish all have large canine-like teeth that they use to crush the shells of crabs, clams, and sea urchins. During breeding season they loose their teeth. Thought to be solitary during part of their life cycle, they do form fairly dense concentrations. These wolfish are found closer to shore and can be seen by divers in rocky crevices. Males guard the eggs.