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Emergency Storm Closure: Molluscan Shellfish Harvesting for the Northern Peninsula, NL

Significant Weather Closure: A storm system which passed through the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador in the past 48 hours (from 22:00 Oct 1, 2015) has deposited significant amounts of rain along the western coast of the Northern Peninsula ranging up to over 120mm. This same system also recorded significant and intense rain in the vicinity of the community of Englee on the eastern coast of the Northern Peninsula, resulting in a storm total exceeding 100 mm.

Environment Canada has reason to believe that bivalve molluscan shellfish are at risk of being contaminated from surface runoff from adjacent coastal watersheds and discharges from potentially-overloaded wastewater systems.

DFO has therefore closed the following areas to all bivalve molluscan shellfish harvesting:

  • all waters within 3 km of the coastline and islands from the community of Parson’s Pond (located approximately Lat/Lon 50.0283/-57.7209) northeast to the ferry terminal at St. Barbe (located approximately Lat/Lon 51.2042/-56.7738). NSN2015-006
  • all waters within 3km of the coastline and islands from Duckbill Point (located approximately Lat/Lon 50.5964/-56.2024) northeast to the Cape Fox (located south of the community of Conche approximately Lat/Lon 50.8605/-55.8905). NSN2015-007

In accordance with Appendix VIII of the CSSP Manual of Operations, these areas must remain closed for a minimum of seven days. There will be a Public Notice when the closure is lifted.

For information on Significant Weather Shellfish Closures please see the following website.

Prohibition Orders NSN2015-006 and NSN2015-007 come into effect on October 2, 2015 at 1800 hours.



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