2012 Application For Sealing Vessel Registration (SVR) Number

  • This application is to be completed to register a vessel currently not registered with Fisheries & Oceans.
  • This application applies to vessels that are less than 35’ LOA for commercial sealing only.
  • Vessels less than 35 feet currently registered with DFO, having a VRN number, do not require a SVR.
  • A registration fee is not required.
  • The applicant must hold a commercial professional seal licence.

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Section A – Applicant Information

A.1 FIN:

A.2 Surname:

A.3 First Name:

A.4 Mailing Address:

A.5 Postal Code:

A.6 Telephone #:

A.7 Cell Phone #:

Section B – Vessel Information For Vessels Intended To Be Used For Sealing Only

B.1 Vessel Name:

B.2 Length (ft):

B.3 MOT. Registration Number:

B.4 Does this vessel have a VRN #? Yes No

B.5 VRN #:

Section C – Applicant’s Signature

I do solemnly declare that the information given on this application is true and correct and I make this solemn declaration conscientiously believing it to be true and knowing that it is of the same force and effect as if made under oath and by virtue of the Canada Evidence Act. I understand that it is an offence under Section 61 of the Fisheries Act to knowingly make a false or misleading statement.



Note: This application is not valid unless signed by applicant.

Section D – Internal Use Only

1. Does this vessel have an active VRN number? Yes No

2 Does applicant hold a professional seal licence? Yes No

Approved Denied

SVR #:

Signature of DFO Officer


Fax your application to your local DFO Licencing Center as listed below:

  • Mount Pearl - 772-2659
  • Bay Roberts - 786-0264
  • Clarenville - 466-3726
  • Placentia - 227-5918
  • Marystown - 279-7860
  • Grand Bank - 832-3015
  • Harbour Breton - 885-2719
  • Grand Falls-Windsor - 292-5205
  • Fogo - 266-2468
  • Twillingate - 884-5699
  • Springdale - 673-5258
  • Happy Valley-Goose Bay - 896-8419
  • Corner Brook - 637-4445
  • Rocky Harbour - 458-3096
  • Stephenville - 643-8003
  • St. Anthony - 454-2574
  • Port-aux Choix - 861-3658

This document is also available for download or viewing as a 2012 Application For Sealing Vessel Registration (SVR) Number [PDF 34 KB].