Notice to Mariners in NAFO Division 3N

DFO advises mariners that a scientific survey is being conducted in the vicinity of Lilly and Carson Canyons, NAFO Division 3N, from September 1, 2016 until October 15, 2016 (approximately 45 days).


The study area is bounded by the following decimal degrees coordinates: UTM NAD83 ZONE 22N Carson Canyon Point 1 45.47318 North latitude, 48.7994 West longitude Point 2 45.47181 North latitude, 48.7290 West longitude Point 3 45.42821 North latitude, 48.8011 West longitude Point 4 45.42684 North latitude, 48.7308 West longitude Lilly Canyon Point 1 44.92913 North latitude, 49.3068 West longitude Point 2 44.92807 North latitude, 49.2372 West longitude Point 3 44.88414 North latitude, 49.3081 West longitude Point 4 44.88308 North latitude, 49.2385 West longitude


The study area is approximately 5 km x 5 km in size. 50 oceanographic moorings will be deployed within each study area, including sub-surface moorings as well as surface floats. Mariners are asked to give the study areas a wide berth.


Harvesters operating in this area are asked to contact DFO, Corey Morris (709) 772-6676, Corey.Morris@DFO-MPO.GC.CA, or Keith Clarke (709) 772-2907, Keith Clarke@DFO-MPO.GC.CA for more information.


Oceanographic equipment used in this study is labeled with DFO contact information. Anyone that finds equipment that they believe is associated with this experiment should contact DFO.


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