Anglers Guide 2017-2018


Smelt angling dates are consistent with trout angling dates in non-scheduled inland waters (See Season Dates 2015-2016), with the exception of the following list of ponds, which open January 15. Only smelt may be retained when these ponds are closed to trout angling from January 15 - January 31.

Insular Newfoundland

Date: January 15–April 15 2018/ May 15-September 7, 2018

  • Gambo Pond.
  • Gander River seaward from the Gander Bay causeway.
  • Southwest Pond, off the Greenspond highway.
  • Horwood Pond (Notre Dame Bay).
  • Southwest Pond, near Horwood.
  • First Pond on the Campbellton River.
  • Deer Lake.
  • Fox Island River, as indicated by DFO caution signs.
  • Little Codroy estuary, as indicated by DFO caution signs.
  • Engine Hole, as indicated by DFO caution signs
  • Little Barasway, as indicated by DFO caution signs
  • Parsons Pond (Northern Peninsula).
  • Portland Creek (Northern Peninsula, excluding Inner Pond).
  • Maturin Pond, Long Harbour (Placentia Bay).
  • Freshwater Pond (Burin Peninsula).
  • Garnish Pond (Burin Peninsula).
  • Clam Pond (Burin Peninsula).
  • Salt Pond (Burin Peninsula).
  • Lamaline Barasway (Burin Peninsula).
  • Salt Water Pond, Boxey/Wreck Cove (Fortune Bay).
  • Big Pond, Jacques Fontaine, Fortune Bay.
  • Second Traverse Pond
  • Northeast arm inside the Culls Harbour causeway and outside the Eastport causeway.
  • North River (Conception Bay), from Newell’s Road downstream to bait-and-spinner signs near railway trestle.
  • South River (Conception Bay): bait-and-spinner fishing sections of South River, including “Motion,” downstream to bait-and-spinner signs near route 70, Conception Bay Highway.
  • Salmon Cove River (Conception Bay): Harry’s Pond and Salmon Cove, Big Pond (bait-and-spinner fishing areas only).
  • Southwest Brook (Port Blandford), from bait and spinner signs seaward to old CN railway trestle.


Date: January 15– September 15, 2018

  • St. Charles River from bridge down to mouth.
  • St. Lewis River: from Sand Banks down to mouth.
  • Alexis River: from Soldier down to mouth.
  • Saltwater Pond on Port Mernham Brook.
  • Danes Pond (Alexis Bay).
  • Salt Water Pond (Occasional Harbour).
  • Salt Water Pond (White Bear Arm).
  • Edwards Pond (Shoal Bay).
  • Table Bay Pond.

Additional Measures

  • Smelt angling in non-scheduled inland waters is subject to the same gear limits as trout angling.
  • There is no bag limit or possession limit for smelt.
  • Smelt angling in coastal waters is permitted throughout the year.