Anglers Guide 2017-2018


Closed for the Season

Rivers/Sections Closed for the Season

Zone 1 - Closed Area
  • Makkovik Brook (Makkovik, Labrador).
  • English River: 25 metres above and 25 metres below the counting fence.
Zone 2 - Closed Area
  • Southwest Brook, Paradise River: from 25 metres above and below the counting fence.
  • Sand Hill River: from 25 metres above and 60 meters below the counting fence.
  • Dykes River (Muddy Bay Brook): 25 metres above and below the counting fence.
Zone 3 - Closed Area
  • Northwest branch of Main River (Sops Arm River): 300 metres below to 300 metres above falls at Wardens Pool.
  • Main River (Sops Arm River): Sunshine Pool and Warden’s Pool, within 23 metres downstream from any obstacle or leap (falls).
Zone 4 - Closed Area
  • Burlington River, from 120 metres below to 38 metres above bridge on Highway 413.
  • Exploits River, from Stoney Brook up to the Grand Falls dam.
  • Exploits River main stem below the Bishops Falls dam: on the south side from dam down 200 metres to foot of rapids; on the north side from dam downstream to the hydro-electric generating station tailrace.
  • Campbellton River, from 25 metres below to 25 metres above bridge on Highway 340.
  • Gander River, from 30 metres below to five metres above where Salmon Brook flows into Gander River high water mark.
  • Salmon Brook, Gander River tributary, from fishway, downstream 245 metres to lily pond.
  • Barry’s Brook, Gander River tributary, from Leap Falls to a point 150 meters downstream
  • Ragged Harbour River, from 61 metres below to six metres above dam at Lower Ragged Harbour River Falls.
  • Deadman’s Bay River, from 25 metres above first falls to 25 metres downstream from highway bridge.
  • Rattling Brook, from the Power House to the Exploits River/Bay of Exploits.
  • Rattling Brook section of the river above the power house upstream to Goulding’s spillway/intake/diversion fence, together with the section upstream between Goulding’s spillway/intake/diversion fence to the new Amy’s dam outlet, to be closed until July 8.
  • Rattling Brook waters above Amy’s Dam as marked by DFO closure signs.
Zone 5 - Closed Area
  • Terra Nova River, 300 metres below Terra Nova Lake dam (identified by DFO signs) to 25 metres below the upper fishway (identified by DFO signs).
  • All portions of Northwest River outside boundaries of Terra Nova National Park.
  • Section of Northwest River known as Jigging Hole, as identified by signs.
Zone 6 - Closed Area
  • Bellevue River, from lower end of the culvert on the TCH downstream to upper side of new bridge on Route 201.
  • Shoal Harbour River from mouth of the dam/fishway to 25 meters above the water supply dam, as indicated by the DFO closure signs.
  • Section of Salmon Cove River 25 metres below the culvert that crosses the Cabot Highway, to 50 metres above the culvert.
Zone 7 - Closed Area
  • North River (Conception Bay), from 50 metres above falls down to where Southern Stank Brook enters river.
  • Goulds Brook, tributary to South River, Conception Bay, from the Retreat Centre up to Makinsons Highway bridge.
  • The portion of Shearstown River, Conception Bay, 6 metres above the Conception Bay Highway Bridge, downstream 6 metres below the Conception Bay Highway Bridge.
Zone 8 - Closed Area
  • Witless Bay River, from the powerhouse to a point 25 metres downstream.
Zone 9 - Closed Area
  • Northeast Brook, Trepassey.
  • Northwest Brook, Trepassey, at Ladder Falls from top of falls to 25 metres downstream.
  • Branch River, from the Route 100 causeway (Maurice’s Meadow) over the river to a point 915 metres upstream.
  • Portion of Salmonier River known as Metcalfe’s Falls to a point 23 meters below the falls.
Zone 10 - Closed Area
  • Salmonier River (Lamaline), from 168 metres on west side of upper part of bridge to bait and spinner signs, and 240 metres downstream to ocean on east side of upper part of the bridge.
  • Northeast River, Placentia, from 30 metres below to 23 metres above fishway.
  • Cape Rodger River, at top of the falls, as marked by DFO closure signs.
  • Cape Rodger River, at Corner Pool, as marked by DFO closure signs.
Zone 11 - Closed Area
  • Jigging Hole, as marked by DFO caution signs on Garnish River.
  • Conne River, where Bernard’s tributary empties into main stem.
  • Conne River, 100 metres upstream from DFO counting fence trap, 80 metres downstream of the fence wing on the west bank of river, and 120 metres downstream of fence wing on east bank of river.
  • Little River, Bay d’Espoir, from its mouth to Big Falls.
  • Grand Bank Brook, from its mouth to the upstream side of the bridge on Marine Drive.
Zone 12 - Closed Area
  • Burnt Island River from the Otter Rub to its source.
Zone 13 - Closed Area
  • Great Codroy River from the mouth of Crooked Brook (Great Codroy River tributary) upstream to falls.
  • Bullhouse Brook (Great Codroy River tributary) from upper side of bridge at the TCH, upstream to its source.
  • Highlands River, from TCH upstream to river source.
  • Section of Crabbe’s River, including Twelve Mile Pool, upstream to its source.
  • Section of Middle Barachois River, including Mine Pool, upstream to its source.
  • Section of Robinson’s River, including Chatter Pool, upstream to Big Falls at Mile 18.
  • Section of Little Barachois Brook, including Old Logger School, upstream to its source.
  • Southwest Brook, from Second Logging at Mile 19, upstream to its source.
  • Harry’s River system above Home Pool, including Spruce Brook, Little George’s, Pinchgut River, Meadows Brook, Stagg Hill Brook and Gull Pond.
  • Harry’s River within 23 metres upstream or downstream of the counting facility, Harvey Gale’s Pit, at Gallants.
  • Cook’s Brook.
  • Corner Brook Stream and tributaries, from the falls at the gorge to the mouth, including all tributaries on this section.
  • Humber River, from a line between Lundrigan’s Wharf and Wild Cove Point, upstream to Ballam Bridge.
  • Humber River (Deer Lake): tailrace, from the Deer Lake Power Company power house to a point 25 metres west of Hinton Bridge (northwest) on the TCH and 25 metres east of the Hinton Bridge (northeast) on the TCH.
  • All streams flowing into Adies Lake.
  • North Brook (Deer Lake), a tributary of Humber River.
  • Blanche Brook.
  • Warm Creek/Brook river system (Stephenville) and tributaries of the main stem including the connecting ponds of Noels Pond, Little Long Pond, and White Sail Pond.
  • Romaine’s Brook, from Main Bridge to the headwaters.
Zone 14A - Closed Area
  • Trout River
  • West River (St. Barbe).
  • Deer Arm River, Gros Morne National Park, between Ten Mile Pond and Eastern Arm Pond, also known as Deer Arm Pond.
  • All waters of the Western Brook drainage basin, including Western Brook, Western Brook Pond and Stag Brook.
  • Lomond Main River, from 23 meters below fish ladder entrance, up to outlet from Bonne Bay Big Pond.
  • Kate’s Feeder, from River of Ponds Lake to its source.
  • Big Feeder Brook, from River of Ponds Lake to its source.
  • Bound Brook, Belburns.
  • Little Brook Ponds watershed: Goose Nest Brook and main stream, from its outflow from Little Brook Pond down to salt water.
  • East River (Hawke’s Bay), from 25 meters below bridge on Highway 430, upstream to 25 metres above falls.
  • Manual’s Feeder and Rose’s Feeder (tributaries to St. Genevieve River).
  • Parker’s River (West Brook, Pistolet Bay), from highway bridge on route 430 downstream to river mouth, as posted by signs.
  • Torrent River, that portion of the river from the lower end (entrance) of the fishway, downstream to 20 metres below Clifty Falls.